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Our Team

12 May, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Keith and Maureen started Vintage Home Boutique as an online business almost two years ago. Quickly making a name for themselves off their growing internet presence, the e-commerce stores success lead to the launch of their first retail location in October 2014. Expanding on their love for high quality vintage & art deco furnishings, Keith and Maureen have paired with furniture designer Brentwood Classics, offering eco-friendly, custom made sofa’s and chairs. The couple have a knack for finding pieces that’ve retained that mid-century charm, seeking out rare gems that when matched with the right furniture can give any vignette, bed or dinning room a modern look, with that timeless feel.

Jen: Jen joined the Vintage Home Boutique family back in January. Bringing a unique eye and a great sense of aesthetic to the table, Jen is a master at creating the perfect ambience for home decor. She also has great taste in Songza playlist, which you’ll hear everytime she’s working in store.

Adam: Both an avid film buff and game designer, Adam’s love for vintage furniture sort of runs in the family. Having been immersed in the antique world throughout his whole life, Adam can spot a winner from a mile away, a skill that allows him to pool his expertise into the continued growth of the company.

Max: Max is a writer who specializes in visual merchandising, a big component of his job here at Vintage Home Boutique. Max embodies a strong sense of what pops in store, working to create displays that not only attract customers to our unique brand of custom and vintage, but makes them feel like they’re right at home with us.