Eco Friendly Furniture Refinishing

When we first started our business, we knew that we had to include eco-friendly furniture refinishing as one of our service offerings. As homeowners we are very conscious of our ecological footprint and we wanted to extend this focus on sustainable living to our business. Furniture refinishing can be a very chemically-intensive process. With our “green” furniture restoration services, you do not need to worry about exposure to these harmful substances after you bring your furniture home.

Zero-VOC Products

You have likely heard of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Wall paint is probably the best known household source of these chemicals, but many other everyday items can emit VOCs, including some you may not have thought of, like the glues, varnishes, stains, and paint strippers used in furniture refinishing. The health effects of VOCs vary, but even in low concentrations they can cause headaches, dizziness, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. The US Environmental Protection Agency has also expressed concern that some VOCs may cause cancer. And the risk goes beyond the refinishing shop—the VOCs in some paints and stains continue to gas off long after they are applied. Given the negative health effects of VOCs, we wanted to provide a safer option for restoring furniture. We use made-in-Canada, zero-VOC products in all of our refinishing work to safeguard our health and yours. To learn more about VOCs and how to avoid them, check out this page from HealthLinkBC.

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