Barn Board Console Table


Our barn board entrance and sofa / console tables are handmade from locally sourced barn board and steel. We bring quality, craftsmanship and engineering to our products, qualities that often seem overlooked in a lot of today’s reclaimed furniture. We strive for straight, clean lines and hand build each of our pieces one at a time. Sanded to a smooth finish with multiple runs of increasingly fine sandpaper.

With every cut we make, every hole we drill and every stroke of our brush, we have the end result in mind – always focusing on the best quality and most beautiful finished product for you and your home. Creating something that is beyond trend, an item which becomes a treasured family heirloom. Our materials are carefully hand-picked, with each piece of reclaimed material selected for each unique item. Once built, we apply the eco-friendly finish of your choice and seal it with a high quality low VOC polyurethane. The colors and sizes shown are our most popular shades but please let us know if you were looking for something else.

Additional of note:

  • One of our most popular customizations on this item is to add shelves for baskets. Making this ideal for a entry way. 
  • Alternatively have the legs shorter and this is a wonderful bench for your entry or mudroom.
  • Additional charges apply. Ask us for a quote

Dimensions (as shown):

L – 44.5"
D – 11.5"
H – 30.5"