Danish Mid Century Teak Side Table with Cane Shelf by Peter Hvidt


Here we have a gorgeous Danish Mid Century teak side table with a cane shelf by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard - Nielsen for France and Sons. Absolutely spectacular grain pattern and overall condition. This table dates to 1957. Part of Minerva table collection, this side table with a cane shelf has an organic design. Smooth rounded corners, exceptional grain and lovely honey teak colour. Solid teak. A gorgeous addition to any living room. Or it would be a statement piece in a waiting room. The table is subtly wider in the back, hence the boat shape. This accent table sits 4, solid teak, Wegner style legs. It also has a lower cane shelf which is useful for storing your iPad or magazines. 
Amazing grain pattern only adds to the sophistication of this table. Wonderfully proportioned, this will fit anywhere and be the center piece of the environment. Easily used a side table beside a chair, or as a coffee table.


  • Overall in excellent condition. The cane shelf, table top and legs are all in exceptional condition.


L - 28" 
W – 20”
H - 22.75"

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