Hand Glazed Stoneware Floor Lamp

These hand glazed stoneware floor lamps are made in Vermont. The glazes for these lamps are still applied by hand on the wheel so each ceramic lamp is unique! These beautiful stoneware lamps have an artisan-like quality to them. Timeless and unique.
The shade is an off white, linen, hard back shade. A single, 250W, regular bulb powers the lamp. Switch is in the socket for easy access.

Available in 1 ready to go and 2 special order colours these table lamps are the perfect size for a reading nook or to illuminate an entire room. They will make a tasteful addition to complete your look in style.

DIMENSIONS (lamp with shade):

W -  17""
H -  61"
Base -  10 3/4" diameter

15" x 17" x 12"

Note - Other styles and colours of hand glazed table lamps available through special order.