Large West German Green Vase By Scheurich


Authenticate by VHB

A stunning large West German green vase by Scheurich. This Mid-Century Modern vase is a great example of "Fat Lava" style in pottery. Fat Lava refers specifically to a type of thick clear glazes that gives some pottery a lava-like look. The Scheurich factory started in the mid 1950s and were quite prolific. They produced well into the 90's. This is likely a later production run from the 1970's. This large vase is a great example of the beauty of West German pottery. Featuring a main body done in a stunning greens with white  stripes to offset. The dark interior is also glazed. The uniqueness of this vase is the oversized height. Stamped on the bottom.  

Height 17"
Width = Depth 9"
5" (base)


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