Rustic Barn Wood Storage Trunks

Rustic barn wood style storage boxes / trunks with armoured metal accents and latches. Looking for great looking storage for your home? Perfect as storage trunks or use the larger trunk as a coffee table with the smaller ones as accent tables. The chrome latch, handles and trim are the perfect contrasting accent to the rustic quality of the finished wood.

Great for spaces where you need to store items away out of littles ones grasps. Small box fits inside of the large box for easy moving and storage. Each box has side handles for lifting/ moving. The finished interior is covered in soft black velour. Bottom surface is done in a protective vinyl to ensure your floors don't get a scratch.

The ideal storage solution in a living room, play area or bedroom. 

Additional of note:

  • Only one large box is left. 


Large Box:

W= D = H = 19"