Stunning Mid Century Teak Wall Unit with desk by Poul Cadovius

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A stunning Mid Century Teak Wall Unit with desk by Poul Cadovius. Completely modular, the individual shelves, storage units and desk unit are adjustable allowing you to create the combination which works most effectively for you. The upright structure is comprised of solid teak rods which mount directly to your wall above your baseboard. The shelf brackets are the original solid brass. They also function as bookends! All drawers are dove tailed echoing the craftsmanship of the era. Incredibly elegant and open, the unit provides endless storage options while keeping a sense of openness in the room. Wonderfully narrow at only 16 inches in depth for the storage box units! Use this in your living room, den or dining room. The style, versatility and extra storage it provides is phenomenal.
Note - Unfortunately this cannot be split up into smaller units, must be purchased as an entire unit as shown. 

What's included:
  • 4 teak uprights
  • 8 Shelves: 7 X 8" shelves, 1 X 16" shelves
  • 1 sliding door storage cabinet: 16" deep x 31.5" wide X 19.75" high. 
  • 1 four drawer storage cabinet: 16" deep X 31.5" wide X 19.75 high
  • 1 desk unit with 2 drawers: 16" deep X 31.5" wide X 5.75 high

DIMENSIONS (Total Unit):

W = 96"
H = 78.5"
D = 16.25"

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  • In excellent condition with extremely minor age appropriate wear. The large, 2 door storage unit has a hole cut in the back for wires or access to an electrical outlet.

Blanket wrap or white glove delivery is available to every major Canadian city.