Coming Events

Looking for a comfortable space to have a gathering which does not require food? Calling all book clubs, jazz bands and movie aficionados. We are up for hosting you on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. When you are done, there are great restaurants and bars up and down the street to continue the conversation.

Also we will be hosting regularly scheduled events for our customers free! All events are first come, first serve and may be limited in seating. Basic refreshments will be served. So call us at 647-349-8430 and we can reserve you a spot.

Toronto Artist: J. Irving Miller Phoenix Art

When: Sunday, April 28 1 - 6 p.m 

Where: Vintage Home Boutique, 1639 St Clair Ave W M6H1N7

J Irving Miller is a local Toronto artist who has lived and taught world wide. His first experience with art came when he won an art competition in public school and the prize was an art scholarship to the AGO. Today he paints with acrylics on canvas in the non conceptual expressionist genre.