Zinolin Furniture Oil


An emulsified furniture oil for cleaning and care of oil finished wood surfaces such as teak, walnut and rosewood. Perfect for your Mid-Century furniture. The emulsion works to both clean and protect. Efficiently removes grease and finger marks. The furniture oil provides a long lasting oil impregnation of the wood, which protects the surface from drying out. The wood will attain a dull finish, underlining the natural colour and structure. Environmentally friendly with a child safe cap. Comes in a 250ML package.

Additional of note:

  • As a small business we charge for shipping. However in an effort to assist our clients, shipping charges are the same for up to 4 bottles on the same order.  

Simply apply with a soft dry cloth and rub until all dirt or grease spots disappear. If applied too thickly, excess oil may be wiped off after 10-15 minutes. Always test on an inconspicuous area before using on the visible surfaces. Recommended to use 4 times/ year.

Contains non-ionic surfactants, saponified fatty acids, selected oils and pure aliphatic hydro-carbons plus deionized water.

To be used with Zinolin Teak Oil