Why buy vintage furniture?

by Keith Lobo

I’m sure that many of you are like Maureen and I when it comes to your home — so enamored with it, that you are constantly looking for just the right item. Then you find one and still you want more. Why wouldn’t it be this way? Your home is your castle. The place where many of your cherished memories are made.  So why not choose furniture that is allows you to bring your home to life in a way that you are getting quality at an incredible price point? We'll let you in on our secret: Vintage furniture. Vintage furniture is — for the most part — very well constructed, with quality wood constructions, and with exciting designs. An enticing combination of solid wood construction and bold designs and/ or colours. Vintage furniture was built to last, which means a lot of it — especially case goods (pieces made of wood like dressers, hutches, desks, shelving and dining chairs) — are desirable because they are still in like-new condition today after 50 or more years of daily use. Even upholstered pieces like easy chairs and couches — which may need reupholstering — are still in demand due to their solid wood frame and steel spring construction! Plus the bold lines can seamlessly fit in with today's fabric styles.  Vintage furniture also tends to be far more affordable, compared to buying new. Vintage dining room sets in particular, can be spectacular deals. Do a quick search and compare quality and price for an equivalent quality vintage and new dining set. I bet you will find there to be at least a 50% difference.  Given the price point, this savings could be the equivalent of a family vacation! Saving the planet. I'm not going to get all preachy, but most of us want to reduce our impact on the environment. Vintage furniture is a easy way to do that! Saving something from filling up a landfill, while not buying something which off-gasses or is made thousands of miles away in substandard working conditions, is an easy way to feel like you have consciously made a difference in the world. As much as I would like to rescue every piece I come across, Maureen has decided that we will not buy any more vintage furniture for our home unless we have a designated place for it — which at this point for me means one piece in, one piece out. The good news is I talked her into opening this store:) But it has made me try to concentrate on permanently acquiring only the pieces that I really love and letting the rest go live at some other vintage furniture nut… errr, connoisseur’s… house.

What are your reasons for buying vintage?

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