Vintage Furniture: Affordable Luxury

by Keith Lobo


Looking for quality and originality in furniture design? Don’t limit your search to traditional high-end home décor shops. Consider vintage, which has shed its “shabby chic” label to become the choice of savvy shoppers seeking longevity and a distinctive look in their home furnishings.

What is Vintage?
General consensus is that vintage furniture refers to items over 50 years old but less than 100. Quality vintage furniture is extremely well-made with acute attention to style and detail. It is a smart furniture alternative for those looking for the elusive combination of style and good value for the money spent: unlike most mass-produced furniture, vintage offers a unique design aesthetic and is an investment that lasts.

Investment Value:
Timeless design and quality construction mean that a piece that is 50 years old can still look and function as if it is new. Unlike much of today’s disposable furniture, vintage holds its value and doesn’t require replacement every few years.
Vintage pieces can be sold or passed on after several years of use. Some styles can be repurposed for other areas within your home. Due to their ‘good bones,’ well-worn sofas and chairs can be reupholstered for an entirely new look…over and over again. With environmentally-friendly furniture refinishing options, even pieces that have seen more than their fair share of bumps and scratches can claim a spot of honour in your home.
An investment in quality vintage can reach well beyond its utility. Vintage furniture is in demand and stock is disappearing. Select pieces created by iconic designers like Finn Juhl are climbing into triple-digit territory, although high-quality pieces can be found in all price ranges.

Why Buy Vintage Furniture?
Quality vintage furniture offers unpretentious sophistication. It’s an investment in your future, wrapped up in the solid construction and timeless styling of an era gone by. It’s affordable luxury. For more reasons to buy vintage furniture please see our Why Buy Vintage Furniture post

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