Brentwood Classics Custom Sofas and Chairs

by Keith Lobo

Quality, design, local and eco-friendly construction are among the key qualifiers we look for in a business partnership. It can be challenging to locate likeminded suppliers, but we found one of the best in Brentwood Classics, a Toronto-based manufacturer of stylish, eco-friendly custom sofas and chairs.

It’s been over 35 years since Toronto’s Brentwood Classics manufactured their first custom-designed sofas for Canadians. The company is unique in looking back for its aesthetic, but forward in its eco-friendly approach to furniture manufacturing.  

Their award-winning handcrafted sofas have garnered attention in magazines, home improvement television programs, and at better hotels. They also remain perennial favourites of interior designers and homeowners alike. No matter the lifestyle, those looking for inspired styling, comfort, and eco-friendly, quality construction will find both their mind and body put at ease at Brentwood.

Among the many reasons for their continued success is an understanding of consumer demand and market trends. The ‘ur-style’ line, available at Vintage Home Boutique, is a testament to this. Inspired by simpler times, ur-style answers a current demand for affordable, quality furniture paired with unique vintage styling.

Vintage furniture is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. The compact designs, timeless elegance, and quality construction of times gone by appeal to today’s savvy consumers.

Brentwood Classic’s ‘ur-style’ collection is designed to reflect the clean, tailored, uncluttered lines of mid-century modern sofas and chairs. Described as “a collection that embraces tradition infused with modern life,” the furniture appeals to a wide audience.

Mid-century inspired examples like the Jane accent chair or the Bertram sofa are representative of the “unique balance of beauty, comfort, luxury and utility” of the design period.

Whether seen as investment pieces that grow with young urban professionals or nostalgic, quality pieces for those downsizing the family home, the timeless aesthetic of the designs fit.

Upholstery from Around the World

Accenting pieces with choice upholstery helps to personalize and ingrain stylistic harmony within any home. Through Brentwood Classics we carry a selection of over 500 patterns in our fabric library. If that is not enough, they also invite you to bring in your own selection. With the made-to-order flexibility that Brentwood offers, it is easy to see how vintage styling can accent any décor.

Breathe Easy Furniture

Brentwood is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, “a non-profit industry association committed to promoting sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry.”  

With Brentwood you can breathe easy, knowing that you are not inhaling the harmful chemicals or additives traditionally used in furniture manufacturing. Sofas and chairs manufactured at Brentwood Classics are made with natural soy-based poly foam. The soy-based product creates luxurious seating that is flexible enough to accommodate a host of designs. The kiln-dried hardwood used to frame Brentwood’s fine furniture is FSC certified and sustainably sourced.

Being manufactured in Toronto, adds an additional element of eco-friendly credibility. Rest easy in the knowledge that your furniture has NOT been manufactured under questionable conditions and shipped thousands of miles!


Custom made for you, once you have placed your order, we begin cutting the fabric that you have selected. Your fabric will then go to the sewing department and then to one of our seasoned, professional upholsterers who on average have 12-15 years of experience. Only one upholsterer works on your item. This way we can ensure that the highest standards of quality production are met: seams have the same tension level and the piece will have perfect symmetry.

Simple Modernist Designs

As it becomes more difficult to achieve harmony in a world that changes by leaps and bounds, it’s easy to understand the desire to create a safe haven filled with sustainable, timeless designs. Vintage Home Boutique is proud to partner with Brentwood Classics to help you create a truly unique oasis of comfort.

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