What you will find in store at Vintage Home Boutique

by Keith Lobo

With our opening behind us, we thought we’d give you another overview of what you’ll find in-store.


We often refer to our in-store aesthetic as having “the elegance of a reclaimed estate,” meaning that upon entering Vintage Home Boutique, you will feel less like you are walking through a showroom and more like you are visiting someone’s home, appreciating their sense of style, and getting ideas for your own home. To that end we have set up vignettes to show how our furniture could be placed in a home. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the combinations we have selected and at how well contemporary and vintage pieces work together.


To add to the air of elegance, we have chosen natural wood as a predominant material in our displays. We love the look and sensory experience of wood and wanted to make that a focus for its aesthetics but also because it recalls the quality of our solid wood furniture and creates a connection to our natural environment. Dark finishes on our displays accent our accessories and offer a luxurious feel. The soft lighting adds warmth and is closer in feel to an actual home than the lighting in a typical furniture showroom.


With our in-store displays you will see the décor possibilities of hand blown glass artwork from Tsunami Glassworks.

Our pictures of these glass sculptures are beautiful but these pieces really need to be seen in-person for the full impact. Among our furniture we have some real showstoppers here as well, including our Art Deco sideboard and Fab 4 love seat and beautiful custom chairs from Brentwood Classics. There is also our in-store art gallery, this month featuring Toronto urban landscape painter David Crighton.


If you have a favourite item in need of a little TLC, Maureen is on-hand to talk with you about eco-friendly refinishing and reupholstering.


We have new pieces arriving every week so be sure to drop back and see what’s new! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest in-store highlights.


Grand Opening Special! Extended until Nov 2, 2014, save the tax on all custom sofa and chairs.

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