A Custom Chair for How Much?

by Keith Lobo

Chair shopping can be a chore. Going store to store, looking for that one perfect piece to place in a reading nook, by the fireplace, or in front of the television. Looking and looking, then finally saying: “This isn’t exactly what I want but I guess it will do.” If you’ve been there, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to settle. We have custom chairs that will complement just about any décor and style sensibility.

“Custom?” you ask. “Won’t that be expensive?” Actually, no, especially when you consider all you get in a custom chair from Vintage Home Boutique. Let’s start with the construction:

• certified sustainable, kiln-dried wood;
• eco-friendly soy-based polyfoam with fibre wrap, with no additives or chemicals to gas off in your home;
• sinuous wire spring system that provides strength while also taking up less space, making it ideal for the sleek styles we sell;
• benchmade in Toronto by Brentwood Classics;
• lifetime warranty on the frame and springs.

Then add in the “custom” options:

• For fabric, you have your choice of hundreds of patterns and textures, including a wide range of modern designs.
• If you prefer leather, you can choose from ten different grades, including bold shades of red, blue and green.
• You can also customize the width of the sofa or chair to suit your space.

Consider too the creative process. Each chair is assembled by hand by a frame maker in Brentwood Classics’ Toronto studio. The upholstery or leather is cut and sewn at the moment your order is received. From there, the chair and fabric are sent to one of Brentwood’s professional upholsterers, each of whom has more than twelve years of experience.

And with each chair made right here in Toronto, the environmental impact of transporting the finished piece is minimal. No oceans are traversed, no air travel is involved, and no borders are crossed: your chair arrives at our store after a short drive down the 400.
Now, what would you expect to pay for this custom chair? You’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you shop now. For a limited time, many of our custom chairs are available for under $700, including the sophisticated Jane, the elegant Yves, and the modern, swivel-based Glen. Some of our floor models are even listed at $499 plus free Toronto delivery on floor models. Drop by today to see our full selection of styles and fabrics.

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