Weekly Favourite

by Keith Lobo

I hope that we can make this a weekly edition. No promises:) This week we got so many new items in that it's hard to pic a clear favourite for the item I'll be sad to sell. Last week a turn of the century cast iron desk lamp sold. I loved it. But alas we can't keep everything.

This week I'm fawning over our custom sofas and chairs. Especially the Bertram and the Yves custom chairs. Such awesome lines and comfortable beyond belief. When you sit in these, your day will be lost in a sea of comfort. The colour of these fabrics is vibrant; but not too vibrant so as to cause you to wear your sunglasses indoors.....or at night.




Most importantly these chairs are comfortable. So comfortable that we often "fight" over them when there are no customers in store!

I don't need to go into their eco-cred here. It's important as I'm sure you agree. But it's the style and function that I truly love. I'll be sad when these go. Just as I was when Maureen sold the Atomic floor lamp, the mid century round coffee table, the king sized teak bed with floating side tables and the cast iron desk lamp. But like all the rest, when these sell,  I know they are going to a good home. who loves stylish, comfortable custom chairs as much as I do.

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