Our Product Condition Ratings

by Keith Lobo

Thought we would take a moment to explain how we grade our vintage products. There are 3 grades we assign. They are related to the condition and  functionality of the item. We take great pride in the condition of products we sell and also back them with a 7-day refund policy.

Excellent = Cherished Heirloom
  • Item has very, very minor wear which is negligible and appropriate for the age of the item, like the table shown below.
  • If any refinishing has been done it will clearly identified. For dining chairs, likely that upholstery has been redone.
  • It's hard to believe that someone could keep an item this long, in this condition, and have actually used it!
Very Good
  • Item has wear which is appropriate for the age of the item and does not detract from the value or ability to use and appreciate it.
  • No refinishing has been done.
  • Item has larger wear which detracts from use (sticky drawers) or detracts from the true value (highly visible scratches).
  • Pricing is generally lower and reflective of the condition.
  • This is the lowest grade of product we will offer.

Vintage Mid-Century Rosewood Coffee Table

A mid-century rosewood coffee table in excellent condition.

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