Selling to VHB

by Keith Lobo

Are you looking to sell your Mid Century Modern furniture? Do you buy furniture?

Where do you get your stuff? We get this question Actually multiple times a day. Our answer is simple. All over the place. We have several people we work with who buy and sell this type of furniture professionally. But we mostly get items from people who call and email us. 

So if you are looking to sell your well cared for Mid Century Modern / Scandinavian Modern furniture feel free to reach out to us.

Here is what we need:

  • Pictures. If you have many items, just send a couple of pictures to give us a sense of the overall condition. Also if there are several items, then a list with the pictures of a couple items is beneficial. If it's only a few items, then send pictures of everything.
  • Can you bring it to the store?
  • If you can't deliver, where are the items located? We have delivery services that pick up items outside of the GTA, but we need to factor that into the price we will pay.
  • How much are you looking to obtain for all the items?

    General rules of thumb:

    • If you don't know what Mid-Century Modern furniture is, read our blog before contacting us:). At very least, look through our site to see if the items you have match ours. Here are a couple of examples:
    Kai Kristiansen Teak Dining Chairs
    New Old Stock Mid-Century Teak Dresser
    • We only buy authentic Mid-Century Modern. Generally we do not purchase items outside of the MCM time period. There are sometimes exceptions for antiques, but they are VERY, VERY few and far between. There are also very select items from the 70's & 80's by noted designers (looking at you Mr Paul Evans) that we have an interest in. We are definitely not interested in anything made after 1990. That's what Craigslist & Kijiji are for.
    • We clean, and condition every item before it goes for sale. Where required Maureen will refinish and reupholster also. What this means is a lot of time and effort goes into each piece to make it ready for our clients. So understand that we aren't able to pay you what our retail price is. Also understand that items go on sale.
    • We do not buy upholstered goods. Unless sofas and chairs have an exposed wood frame and are of the nature where the cushions can be removed and replaced, we aren't interested.  


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