Hand Made Cutting Boards

Our locally made cutting boards are handmade from locally sourced black walnut, hard maple and dark cherry. We strive to bring quality, craftsmanship and engineering to all of our products, qualities that often seem overlooked in a lot of today’s products.

Every component is made locally by an artisan carpenter. Kiln dried hardwood ensures that your cutting board will not warp bend or crack. Glued using VOC free, food grade, water safe glue and sanded to a smooth finish with multiple runs of increasingly fine sandpaper. With every cut we make, every hole we drill and every stroke of our brush, we have the end result in mind – always focusing on the best quality and most beautiful finished product for you and your family. Creating something that is beyond trend, an item which becomes a treasured family heirloom.

The difference is the thickness: 1.5". Others choose to cut a corner by using a thinner piece of wood. We choose the perfect proportion and weight. Our materials are carefully hand-picked, with each piece of wood selected for each unique cutting board. Finished with 3 hand applied coats of food safe mineral oil. Available in 2 sizes. Custom larger sizes can be quoted and accommodated.


L = 12" L = 8"
W = 18" W = 14"
H = 1.5" H = 1.5"

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